Conditioning Protocol

All the livestock we have listed for sale has been conditioned to the standards in this procedure. Most of our fish are sourced directly from our divers and haven't been bounced around to a bunch of different systems and water parameters.

  • Monitoring

    All the fish we receive from the wild will be unfamiliar to aquarium life. In this stage of the process, we monitor each individual fishes health, apatite, and overall looks. All the species we sell have been with us and monitored for at least 2 weeks (for shallow water species) or 3 weeks (for special & deep-water)

  • Treatment

    All the species that go through our conditioning protocol are treated with medication to remove & prevent certain types of marine parasites and worms internally and externally in the fish. Additionally, for species that can handle copper treatment we medicate to treat for possible marine velvet & ich. Any fish that we ship out should have no obvious signs of worms, ich, or velvet, although this doesn't mean the fish won't develop a sickness in the weeks after arrival. Therefore, its in your best interest to first introduce the fish to a monitoring or quarantine tank before main display.

  • Aquarium life

    All the fish we sell have been kept in our facility for a couple weeks at least, during this time we feed each fish and get them familiar with commercially available dry / frozen foods. When sending out fish, we hand select the best looking and most eager to eat individual.

    • Please Note

      Our conditioning protocol is not a full replacement for individual quarantining, it is always in your best interest monitor or quarantine the fish you receive from us or any online store. This is just one step of the process ensuring that the fish you receive will not be unfamiliar to aquarium life or sick out of the box. We cannot fully guarantee that the fish you receive will be 100% healthy and eating well, but we try our best to rid sickness and condition every fish for a positive buyer experience, if you have any questions or concerns please contact us.

      No refunds or replacements will be made in the case of a fish that develops a sickness or refuses to eat after delivery. Although, if you receive a sick fish out of the box or one that you think is not up to quality standards, please contact us we take this seriously as we want all buyer to have a positive experience.