Unique Fins in the News

Unique Fins in the News

News & Media about Unique Fins - We have brought 6 new species to the USA so far....

Plectranthias sagamiensis comes to the US for the First Time

Jeremey Gay - Reef Builders - 1/26/2024

"The Threadtail Perchlet, Plectranthias sagamiensis, has been sold in the US for the first time by rare fish importer Unique Fins. Hailing from the deep waters of Japan and Indonesia, P.sagamiensis can be found at depths of over 100 meters, while the pictured specimen here was hand-collected by divers at 60 meters, has been fully acclimated, shipped, quarantined, and now residing with a private collector in Texas." Read More Here

$3000 Moonstone Chromis arrives in the US from the Deep Waters of Japan

Jeremey Gay - Reef Builders - 1/6/2024

"Rare fish retailer Unique Fins has informed Reef Builders that it has received two specimens of the super rare deep-water Moonstone Chromis from Japan. First described in 2019 by Yi-Kai Tea, Anthony Gill, and Hiroshi Senou, Chromis tingting was described based on one holotype and three paratypes collected from Sagami Bay, Southern Japan. The holotype was collected in 2012...." Read More Here

Is the Okinawa Chromis the Rarest Most Expensive Damselfish in the World?

Jeremey Gay - Reef Builders - 11/27/2023

"High-end marine fish retailer Unique Fins has informed Reef Builders that it has imported (and sold,) a super rare Okinawa Chromis, Chromis okamurai, From Japan. Chromis okamurai was previously only known from a single specimen dredged in 1979 from the Okinawa Trough, East China Sea, and inhabits depths from 135-175m/442-574 feet, according to FishBase." Read More Here

Two Rare Plectranthias Basslets Imported by Unique Fins 

Jeremey Gay - Reef Builders - 11/13/2023

"Two rarely seen deepwater perchlets have been collected and exported from Southern Taiwan...The pictured specimen was imported by Unique Fins, where it is already accepting frozen krill, being kept at 70F/21C, but slowly being acclimated to higher light levels as we write this news." Read More Here

Rare Black Ear Candy Hogfish is First One In USA

Jeremey Gay - Reef Builders - 10/30/2023

"A single specimen of a rare deepwater hogfish has arrived in America for the first time. Named the Black Ear Candy Hogfish, Bodianus tanyokidus comes from the Indo-West Pacific...The featured fish was collected in Taiwan and imported by high-end fish retailer Unique Fins. The only other one that we know of was procured for public display by the Okinawa Churaumi public aquarium in Japan" Read More Here


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