First Plectranthias Maekawa in the USA @ Unique Fins

First Plectranthias Maekawa in the USA @ Unique Fins

Unique Fins just received two beautiful plectranthias. Hailing from deep-water Taiwan these species have been stabilized in captivity for several months and are now being offered for sale. This is likely the first time maekawa and wheeleri have been in the USA with maekawa only being recorded in captivity once by Blue Harbor.

Plectranthias inhabit the cool, low light, rariphotic waters (below the mesophotic zone at 400-1000’) where any corals are strictly non-photosynthetic, but where the fish species are more closely related to those at the surface, than to those at the deepest, darkest depths. The pictured specimen was imported by us and are already accepting frozen krill, being kept at 70F/21C, but slowly being acclimated to higher light levels.

Both of these fish are 3 inches and are doing amazing. Please contact us with any question about these species.

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