First Bodainus Tanyokidus in the USA @ Unique Fins

First Bodainus Tanyokidus in the USA @ Unique Fins

Unique Fins just received a deep water Bodianus Tanyokidus; basically the rarest hogfish in the aquarium trade and considered a "holy grail". This is the second live specimen that has ever been photographed.

Bodianus Tanyokidus is usually found at depths ranging from 131’-656’/40-200m, with our fish being collected just shy of 328’/100m depth. This species has only been procured once for public display by the Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium in Japan. This specimen is the first in the private aquarium trade and the USA. 

This fish is doing very well eating frozen krill and being kept low-mid 70s and will be offered for sale; this fish is for a serious collector and is a once in a lifetime opportunity. This individual is very peaceful, cohabitating well with other small deep water anthias in the same tank. 

This fish is still available for sale, please contact us with any questions about this individual.

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